We are happy to announce
that we are accepting new work!

Thank you all for your business and patience in the last 16 months. As you all know, the firearm industry has seen an unprecedented increase in the volume of firearm and ammunition sales. We here at Dynamic Firearm Solutions had to suspend new jobs due to the massive influx of work we had received in just a short period of time. We chose to suspend new jobs so that we could focus on what we had at the time. We believe in doing quality work in a reasonable amount of time. If a job is rushed, then the quality suffers. If jobs take too long, then we have unhappy customers. Our most important goal is to provide excellent quality for a fair price within a reasonable amount of time.

Here at Dynamic Firearm Solutions, we support and encourage the safe and responsible use of firearms. We believe that proper education is the key to helping people understand and enter the world of shooting. It is the responsibility of every gun owner to teach and help every new-comer to safely enter the sport of shooting and gun ownership. We encourage parents to educate their children about gun safety. We also encourage parents to attend a hunters safety class with their children and to continue the tradition of hunting as a way to provide for themselves and their own families, and also as a means of wildlife conservation through wildlife management.

At Dynamic Firearm Solutions we like to showcase individuals and businesses that we feel show outstanding leadership in the form of firearm safety and education. As many of you know (or don't know), women are the fastest growing demographic of new shooters in the United States. (Men, you should be teaching your ladies how to shoot!) I was fortunate enough to meet a husband and wife couple that cater to women as new shooters. Jared and Meghann own and run Wylde girls/Wylde Life TV. Meghann was kind enough to write a few paragraphs to explain what their business is all about. We encourage you to visit their site and give them your support.

Wylde Girls is an organization dedicated to connecting women and girls with hunting and shooting opportunities, and building confidence in a variety of hunting and shooting disciplines at our ladies-only Wylde Girls Events.

Wylde Girls Events have included everything from pheasant, waterfowl, and archery hunting to long-range shooting, pistol competitions, and tactical weapons training. Our top-notch coaches from Team Wylde Life provide excellent, female-oriented training in a non-intimidating, all-girls environment that allows our participants to relax, focus, and have a blast improving their skills with their girlfriends!

The Wylde Girls will be hosting events across the Midwest in 2014, so for dates, additional info, ticket purchases, photos and videos of past events, head to www.wyldelife.tv.

At www.wyldelife.tv, you'll also find exciting webisodes featuring Team Wylde Life and The Original Wylde Girls as they showcase high-adventure, fair-chase hunting, and tactical shooting and training.

Follow along with Team Wylde Life and The Wylde Girls on www.wyldelife.tv, and come to our next Wylde Girls Event near you! You'll walk away with .50 brass to show off to your hubby, plus you just might see yourself on Wylde Life TV!

Please don't forget that we do transfers. Long gun transfers are still $20 per gun. Handgun transfers are $30 per gun (this includes the state fee). Ask about our volume transfer discounts.

We are a licensed Firearm Dealer in the State of Wisconsin. If you are interested in purchasing a firearm we have for sale, you will have to find a dealer near you that we can transfer the gun to. If a firearm purchaser does not have a Federal Firearms License (FFL), federal law requires that the firearm be shipped to a local FFL dealer, who can then transfer the firearm to the purchaser. Before a gun is released to the buyer, the required background checks are done by the receiving FFL holder. The FFL holder will often charge a small fee for his services.


January 1st, 2014
Now accepting new jobs!
January 2nd, 2014
Now offering Cerakote firearm finishes for handguns, rifle receivers and accessories.

How to use DFS for firearm transfers:

  1. Fill out & submit transfer form.
  2. Print FFL license.
  3. Submit FFL license to firearm seller.
  4. Wait for DFS to contact you when the firearm has arrived to set up appointment for transfer.